Want to Present?

To be eligible to speak at this year’s Symposium each presenter must be a current member of their Community College Honors Program, and the research should have been conducted at that college during the 2021-22 or 2022-23 academic years .

Submissions were anonymously screened by a committee made up of honors faculty who selecedt well-written proposals featuring high-quality academic research. Being selected to present is highly competitive. This year we received 187 proposals and approximately 90 were selected.

Proposal Details

Each submitted proposal required the following information

  • Title and 1-sentence description
  • 150-word abstract which summarizes the driving question & results
  • 50-word methodology which details the process used in the research project
  • Up to 5 resources in MLA or APA format
  • Associated paper or essay (Optional, though strongly encouraged)

CLICK HERE for advice about preparing your proposal and samples.


General Symposium Questions: Professor Jennifer Saito, jsaito@losmedanos.edu

General Proposal Questions: Professor Eva Mo, Modesto Junior College, moe@yosemite.edu

Specific Questions about Your Proposal: Your Honors Director/Coordinator

Please identify which college you are from when emailing your questions.